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Information compiled by Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Stoneville MS

  M - Species observed throughout Mississippi
  D - Species observed specifically in the Delta
  C - Species observed specifically on the Gulf Coast
  N - Nests in Mississippi
  C - Common (certain to be seen in suitable habitat)
  F - Fairly common (may be seen in suitable habitat)
  U - Uncommon (present but difficult to find)
  R - Rare (seen singly or in small numbers)
  O - Occasional (seen in only four to eight years out of ten)
  A - Accidental (seen in only three or fewer years out of ten)
Appearance in Mississippi
  s - Summer resident
  w - Winter resident
  t  - Transient (appears in MS at some point during migration)
  p - Permanent resident
[Pacific Loon] M A
Common Loon C, D Cw, Ft
Pied-billed Grebe M, D N Us, Cw
Horned Grebe M,D Fw
Red-necked Grebe M Ot
Eared Grebe M, D Uw
[Western Grebe] M Ot
Shearwaters and Storm Petrels
[Wilson's Storm Petrel] M A
Pelicans and Allies
American White Pelican M, D Cw
Double-crested Cormorant M, D N Rs, Cw
Neotropical Cormorant M At
Anhinga M, D N Us, Rw
Herons, Egrets and Allies
American Bittern C,M,D Uw, Ut
Least Bittern M, D N Us
Great Blue Heron M, D N Cp
Great Egret M, D N Cp
Snowy Egret M, D N Cp
Little Blue Heron M, D N Cp
Tricolored Heron M, D N Fp
Cattle Egret M, D N Cs, Uw
Green-backed Heron M, D N Cs, Uw
Black-crowned Night-Heron M, D N Up
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron M, D N Fs, Rw
Ibises, Spoonbills and Storks
White Ibis M, D N Fp
Glossy Ibis C,D Rt
Roseate Spoonbill M, D Fw
Wood Stork M, D Us
Fulvous Whistling Duck M, D Rt
Black-bellied Whistling Duck M, D At
Tundra Swan M, D Rw
Trumpeter Swan M, D At
Greater White-fronted Goose M, D Cw
Snow Goose M, D Cw
Ross' Goose M, D Rw
Brant M, D Aw
Canada Goose M, D N Cp
Wood Duck M, D N Cp
Green-winged Teal M, D Cw
American Black Duck M, D Fw
Mallard M, D Cp
Northern Pintail M, D Cw
Blue-winged Teal M, D Os, Ct, Uw
Cinnamon Teal M, D Ot
Northern Shoveler M, D Cw
Gadwall M, D Cw
[Eurasian Wigeon] M At
American Wigeon M, D Cw
Canvasback M, D Fw
Redhead M, D Uw
Ring-necked Duck M, D Cw
Greater Scaup M, D Fw
Lesser Scaup M, D Cw
King Eider M At
Oldsquaw M, D Rw
Black Scoter M Rw
Surf Scoter M, D Rw
White-winged Scoter M, D Rw
Common Goldeneye M, D Fw
Bufflehead M, D Cw
Hooded Merganser M, D N Cw
Common Merganser M, D Rw
Red-breasted Merganser M, D Cw
Ruddy Duck M, D Cw
Vultures, Hawks and Falcons
Black Vulture M, D N Cp
Turkey Vulture M, D N Cp
Osprey C, M, D N Up, Rs, Ft
American Swallow-tailed Kite M, D N Us
White-tailed Kite C, D N Ot
Mississippi Kite M, D N Cs
Bald Eagle M, D N Rs, Fw
Northern Harrier M, D Cw
Sharp-shinned Hawk M, D Fw
Cooper's Hawk M, D N Us, Fw
Northern Goshawk M At
Harris' Hawk M At
Red-shouldered Hawk M, D N Fp
Broad-winged Hawk M, D N Fs
Swainson's Hawk M Ot
Red-tailed Hawk M, D N Cp
[Ferruginous Hawk] M At
Rough-legged Hawk M, D At
Golden Eagle M, D Rt
Crested Caracara M, D A
American Kestrel M, D N Us, Cw
Merlin M, D Ut, Rw
Prairie Falcon M At
Peregrine Falcon M, D Ut, Rw
Gallinaceous Birds
Wild Turkey M, D N Cp
Bobwhite Quail M, D N Cp
Rails, Limpkins and Cranes
Yellow Rail M Ot
Black Rail M A
King Rail M, D N Up
Virginia Rail C, M, D Ut, Rw
Sora C, M, D Ut, Rw
Purple Gallinule M, D N Us
Common Moorhen M, D N Cp
American Coot M, D N Rs, Cw
Limpkin M A
Sandhill Crane C, M, D N Rw
Plovers, Sandpipers and Allies
Black-bellied Plover C, M, D Fw
Lesser Golden Plover M, D Ft
Wilson's Plover C, M, D N Us
Semipalmated Plover C, M, D Fw, Ft
Piping Plover C, M, D Uw, Rt
Killdeer M, D N Cp
Mountain Plover M A
Black-necked Stilt C, M, D N Up
American Avocet C, M, D Up, Rt
Greater Yellowlegs M, D Ft,Uw
Lesser Yellowlegs M, D Ct, Uw
Solitary Sandpiper M, D Ct
Willet C, M, D N Fp, Rt
Spotted Sandpiper M, D N Ct, Uw
Upland Sandpiper M, D N Ut
Hudsonian Godwit M, D A
Marbled Godwit C, D Rw
Ruddy Turnstone C, M Fw
Red Knot C, D Uw
Sanderling C, M, D Cw
Semipalmated Sandpiper M, D Ct
Western Sandpiper C, M, D Cw
Least Sandpiper C, M, D Cw
White-rumped Sandpiper M Ut
Baird's Sandpiper M, D Ut
Pectoral Sandpiper M, D Ct
Dunlin C, M, D Cw, Ft
Stilt Sandpiper M, D Ft
Buff-breasted Sandpiper M, D Ut
[Ruff] M A
Short-billed Dowitcher C, M, D Fw, Ut
Long-billed Dowitcher C, M, D Fw, Ut
Common Snipe M, D Cw
American Woodcock M, D N Up
Wilson's Phalarope C, M, D Ut
Red-necked Phalarope M, D Ot
Red Phalarope M Ot
Gulls, Terns and Skimmers
Pomarine Jaeger M A
Parasitic Jaeger M O
Laughing Gull C, M, D N Cp
Franklin's Gull M, D Rt
Little Gull M O
Common Black-headed Gull M A
Bonaparte's Gull M, D Cw
Ring-billed Gull M, D Cw
Herring Gull M, D Uw
Lesser Black-backed Gull M A
Glaucous Gull M O
Great Black-backed Gull M O
Black-legged Kittiwake M O
Sabine's Gull M A
Gull-billed Tern C, M N Us
Caspian Tern C, M, D N Fp, Ut
[Roseate Tern] M A
Common Tern C, M N Us, Rt
Forster's Tern C, M, D Cp, Ft
Least Tern C, M, D N Cs
Black Tern M, D Ct
Pigeons and Doves
Rock Dove M, D N Cp
[Band-tailed Pigeon] M A
Eurasian Collared-Dove M, D N Fp
White-winged Dove C, D R
Mourning Dove M, D N Cp
Common Ground Dove C, M, D N Rp
Black-billed Cuckoo M, D Rt
[Greater Roadrunner] D A
Yellow-billed Cuckoo M, D N Cs
Barn Owl M, D N Up
Eastern Screech-Owl M, D N Cp
Great Horned Owl M, D N Cp
Snowy Owl M A
Burrowing Owl M, D O
Barred Owl M, D N Cp
Long-eared Owl M A
Short-eared Owl M, D Uw
Northern Saw-whet Owl M A
Common Nighthawk M, D N Cs
Chuck-will's-widow M, D N Cs
Whip-poor-will M, D N Fs
Chimney Swift M, D N Cs
Buff-bellied Hummingbird M O
Ruby-throated Hummingbird M, D N Cs
Black-chinned Hummingbird M Rw
Broad-tailed Hummingbird M A
White-eared Hummingbird M A
Anna's Hummingbird M A
Belted Kingfisher M, D N Fp
Red-headed Woodpecker M, D N Cp
Red-bellied Woodpecker M, D N Cp
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker M, D Cw
Downy Woodpecker M, D N Cp
Hairy Woodpecker M, D N Up
Red-cockaded Woodpecker M N Rp
Northern Flicker M, D N Cp
Pileated Woodpecker M, D N Cp
Olive-sided Flycatcher M, D Ut
[Western Wood-Pewee] M A
Eastern Wood-Pewee M, D N Cs
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher M, D Ut
Acadian Flycatcher M, D N Fs
Alder Flycatcher M Rt
Willow Flycatcher M N As, Rt
Least Flycatcher M, D Ut
Eastern Phoebe M, D N Cp
Say's Phoebe M A
Vermillion Flycatcher M, D Rw
Ash-throated Flycatcher M A
Great-crested Flycatcher M, D N Cs
[Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher] M A
Western Kingbird M, D Rt
Eastern Kingbird M, D N Cs
Gray Kingbird M, D N O
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher M, D N Rt
Cassin's Kingbird M A
Horned Lark M, D N Cp
Martins and Swallows
Purple Martin M, D N Cs
Tree Swallow M, D N As, Ct
Northern Rough-winged Swallow M, D N Fs
Bank Swallow M, D N Rs, Ut
Cliff Swallow M, D N Cs
Cave Swallow M A
Barn Swallow M, D N Cs
Jays and Crows
Blue Jay M, D N Cp
American Crow M, D N Cp
Fish Crow M, D N Cp
Chickadees and Titmice
Carolina Chickadee M, D N Cp
Tufted Titmouse M, D N Cp
Red-breasted Nuthatch M, D Uw
White-breasted Nuthatch M, D N Fp
Brown-headed Nuthatch M, D N Fp
Brown Creeper M, D Fw
Carolina Wren M, D N Cp
Bewick's Wren M, D N Rw
House Wren M, D Uw
Winter Wren M, D Fw
Sedge Wren M, D Uw
Marsh Wren C, M, D N Ut, Rw
Kinglets and Gnatcatchers
Golden-crowned Kinglet M, D Cw
Ruby-crowned Kinglet M, D Cw
Blue-gray Kinglet M, D N Cs, Rw
Bluebirds, Thrushes and Robins
Eastern Bluebird M, D N Cp
Mountain Bluebird M A
[Townsend's Solitaire] M A
Veery M, D Ut
Gray Cheecked Thrush M, D Ut
Swainson's Thrush M, D Ft
Hermit Thrush M, D Fw
Wood Thrush M, D N Cs
American Robin M, D N Cp
Mockingbirds and Thrashers
Gray Catbird C, M, D N Ct, Us
Northern Mockingbird M, D N Cp
Brown Thrasher M, D N Cp
Wagtails and Pipits
Citrine Wagtail M A
American Pipit M, D Cw
Sprague's Pipit M O
Cedar Waxwing M, D N As, Cw
Loggerhead Shrike M, D N Fp
European Starling M, D N Cp
White-eyed Vireo M, D N Cs, Rw
Bell's Vireo M O
[Black-capped Vireo] M A
Solitary Vireo M, D Uw
Yellow-throated Vireo M, D N Fs
Warbling Vireo M, D N Us
Philadelphia Vireo M, D Ut
Red-eyed Vireo M, D N Cs
[Black-whiskered Vireo] M O
Blue-winged Warbler M, D Ft
Golden-winged Warbler M, D Ut
Tennessee Warbler M, D Ct
Orange-crowned Warbler M, D Uw
Nashville Warbler M, D Ut
Northern Parula M, D N Cs
Yellow Warbler M, D Cw
Chesnut-sided Warbler M, D Ft
Magnolia Warbler M, D Ct
Cape May Warbler M, D Rt
Black-throated Blue Warbler M Rt
Yellow-rumped Warbler M, D Cw
[Black-throated Gray Warbler] M A
Townsend's Warbler M A
Black-throated Green Warbler M, D Ct
Blackburnian Warbler M, D Ft
Yellow-throated Warbler M, D N Fs
Pine Warbler M, D N Cp
Prairie Warbler M, D N Fs
Palm Warbler C, M, D Fw, Ft
Bay-breasted Warbler M, D Ft
Blackpoll Warbler M, D Ft
Cerulean Warbler M, D Ut
Black-and-white Warbler M, D N Cs
American Redstart M, D N Us, Ct
Prothonotary Warbler M, D N Cs
Worm-eating Warbler M, D N Us
Swainson's Warbler M, D N Us
Ovenbird M, D N Us, Ft
Northern Waterthrush M, D Ut
Louisiana Waterthrush M, D N Fs
Kentucky Warbler M, D N Cs
[Connecticut Warbler] M, D O
Mourning Warbler M, D Rt
Common Yellowthroat M, D N Cs, Uw
Hooded Warbler M, D N Cs
Wilson's Warbler M, D Ut
Canada Warbler M, D Ft
[Painted Redstart] M A
Yellow-breasted Chat M, D N Cs
Summer Tanager M, D N Cs
Scarlet Tanager M, D N Us, Ft
Western Tanager M, D O
New World Finches
Northern Cardinal M, D N Cp
Rose-breasted Grosbeak M, D Ft
Black-headed Grosbeak M, D O
Blue Grosbeak M, D N Cs
[Lazuli Bunting] M A
Indigo Bunting M, D N Cs
Painted Bunting M, D N Us
Dickcissel M, D N Cs
[Green-tailed Towhee] M A
Rufous-sided Towhee M, D N Cp
Bachman's Sparrow M N Us
American Tree Sparrow M, D Ca
Chipping Sparrow M, D N Fs, Cw
Field Sparrow M, D N Fs, Cw
Vesper Sparrow M, D Uw
Lark Sparrow M, D N Rs
Lark Bunting M A
Savannah Sparrow M, D Cw
Grasshopper Sparrow C, M, D Rw
Henslow's Sparrow M Rw
LeConte's Sparrow M, D Uw
Sharp-tailed Sparrow C, M, D Uw
Fox Sparrow M, D Fw
Song Sparrow M, D Cw
Lincoln's Sparrow M, D Ut, Rw
Swamp Sparrow M, D Cw
White-throated Sparrow M, D Cw
White-crowned Sparrow M, D Fw
Harris' Sparrow M, D O
Dark-eyed Junco M, D Cw
Lapland Longspur M, D Cw
Smith's Longspur M O
Snow Bunting M A
Blackbirds, Grackles, Cowbirds and Orioles
Bobolink M, D Ct
Red-winged Blackbird M, D N Cp
Eastern Meadowlark M, D N Cp
Western Meadowlark M, D Rw
Yellow-headed Blackbird M, D O
Rusty Blackbird M, D Fw
Brewer's Blackbird M, D Fw
Common Grackle M, D N Cp
Brown-headed Cowbird M, D N Cp
Orchard Oriole M, D N Cs
Northern Oriole (Baltimore) M, D N Cs
Northern Finches
Purple Finch M, D Fw
House Finch M, D N Fs, Cw
Red Crossbill M N O
Pine Siskin M, D Cw
American Goldfinch M, D N Cp
Evening Grosbeak M, D Uw
Old World Sparrows
House Sparrow M, D N Cp
Information compiled by:
Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation
P.O. Box 10
Stoneville MS 38776

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