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Characteristics You Need to Pay Attention to Choosing a Hunting Binocular

One can argue a lot about the advisability of using optics in a particular field of activity, given that good devices aren't cheap. But statistics show that binoculars are most often acquired by hunters. How to choose the right binoculars for hunting, which characteristics to emphasize - the reader will learn about all the nuances of the purchase by reading the proposed material.

The requirements for hunting binoculars are so diverse and sometimes contradictory that it is hardly worth listing them. Moreover, everyone chooses the device taking into account individual needs and wants, depending on the specifics of the terrain (flatland, mountainous, etc.), the characteristics of hunting (on the run or sitting) and a number of other conditions. Proceeding from this, it will be more correct to single out the main criteria by which one can evaluate the feasibility of buying a particular model of binoculars.

  • Dimensions and weight: These parameters are interrelated. The lighter binoculars are, the better it is for a hunter who searches for game in many kilometers, with a carbine and equipment. But here brightness, "cleanliness" of the image (resolving power) of miniature devices leave much to be desired. If you have doubts that these characteristics are essential for you, read how important they are here.
  • Multiplicity: If the hunter uses the binoculars for a short time (for example, in a field), then products with the parameter x (8 - 10) are suitable. But with prolonged, frequent observation it is necessary to choose models more "weak" - approximately with 6 - 8 fold increase. All this can be understood from the marking of the device.
  • Limit of focusing: In fact, this is the maximum distance on which you can see a clear picture in the eyepieces. There is no single recommendation on this item. It is necessary to check the operability of the binoculars independently, as the choice with this characteristic is determined by the features of the hunter's view. Therefore, the choice of binoculars involves an individual approach.
  • The presence of a grid: As a rule, for a person who has problems with precise visual determination of distances (and this is different for many), such a function will be an additional plus.
  • Rubber coating: It will help to hold binoculars even with wet hands. For example, in the rain. In addition, it is a good protection device from mechanical damage.

Before buying a binocular for hunting, check out the detailed buyer's guide for hunting binoculars.

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